How To Build An Email List And Make It Pay

How to build an email list

How To Build An Email List

When choosing how to build an email list for your business, there are many things to consider, one such being, how to target your email list. While a broadly targeted one is still an asset, it is not as desirable as a laser targeted email list. This has many advantages, so, how do you go about implementing this strategy.

Learn How To Build An Email List For Separate Niches

Your opt in email lists should be divided into niches, or even sub-niches if your main niche is to broader a subject. You are doing this so you are not sending emails to subscribers from different sites whom have no interest in the subject; for instance a golf newsletter is unlikely to opened by somebody subscribed to a horse riding site, although both could technically come under the much wider scope of ‘sport’.

You will keep your lists far happier if you target them individually, this also allows you to zero in on your audience with specific information and more relevant product offers and should increase your revenue.

How To Build An Email List Of Buyers

Your buyers list is by far your most important email opt in list, as this is full of subscribers who have already bought from you in the past. These people are proven buyers and therefore will be more likely than anybody else to buy from you again. Again this should be broken down into individual lists for different niches. These are your greatest asset and should be treated accordingly, do not make the mistake of constantly inundating them with offers. Think of your conversion rate and how much work it has taken to make them a buyer in the first place, do you really want to lose them for the sake of a short term gain?

Segmenting Your List Building

If you are guilty of only have one generic list, then fear not for a lot of auto-responder services have a way that will allow you to segment your lists in retrospect. Do not delay in doing this, as the bigger your list building becomes the more difficult it will become to separate.

Segmenting is a must for anyone who had an on-line presence in more than one niche or even just different product lines. It also allows you to split test your emails and analyze the date to determine the best results and give you that edge when it comes to converting emails.

How To Build An Email List And The Benefit Of A Targeted List

If your subscribers have signed up wanting information relating to a specific niche, then that is what you should be sending them, this will increase your conversion rates and the chance of repeat custom.

However much you want the simplicity of one list, is not a viable option and will leave you with a lot of money on the table. You readership will simply not open your emails, if there is nothing of interest to them contained within. Targeted emails in themselves still do not get opened a lot of the time for whatever reasons, there is little chance of an irrelevant email being opened unless the subscriber is intent on un-subscribing… This is not how to build an email list that converts well.

If you follow the tips above and target your email marketing correctly, you can greatly increase your chances of your subscriber opening their email, what happens from there, is then down to your message, a strong call to action and a fantastic product offer.

So this is how to build an email list and make it pay, put in the effort up-front to segment your lists and reap the rewards later.

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