List Building Tips To Help Grow Your Opt In Email Lists

List building is a fundamental part of any online business plan, its implementation should be from the beginning, rather than after everything else is finished. I have seen it too many times that businesses have still not started their list building efforts after many months of trading.

Whether it comes to your business or list building, we all want to see results as fast as possible. And, while building a list will be a long term effort, you can help improve the speed at which it grows by employing as many of these list building tips and techniques as possible.

Follow these list building tips for success

Use Opt In Forms On Your Website: Make sure you place opt in forms in a prominent location, above the fold, on the homepage of your website. Add them to other areas, such as above blog comment areas, to get them noticed even more. Whatever you do, make sure that your subscribers can see a way to sign up on every single page of your website, this should accelerate your list building in no time.

Provide A Free Offer: No matter where you choose to start promoting your list, you’re going to find it difficult to get people to actually hand over their email addresses unless you provide them with an incentive for doing so. All list building tips will start with providing something for free, whether that’s an eBook, a coaching session, an eCourse or anything else of value to your visitors.

Get Involved In Forums: Most niche forums will allow you a signature where you can place a link back to your site. Include a link back to your squeeze page and make sure to post a number of helpful posts around the forum, several times a day.

Advertise In Forums: Prominent forums in your niche may have a classified ads section where you can post a big incentive for people to sign up to your newsletter. In the internet marketing niche, for example, you can pay $40 for a Warrior Special Offer and expect a number of sign ups. This is perfect for new email lists where you aren’t yet well known.

Article Submission: Write informative articles, that offer great value in your niche,
to some of the many online article directories. In your author bio section, include a link to the page where interested readers can sign up to your newsletter or to your squeeze page.

Create A Facebook Page: Create a Facebook Page for loyal customers and fans of your business to “like”. At the same time, make sure you include an email opt in form on the welcome page to take advantage of the interest you get.

Confirm Your Buyers: If you use an automated shopping cart system then most will allow you to automatically add customers to a designated customer list. Use this to send them product updates or offers tailored to what they’ve already bought. Or get them to opt in to an updates form between the sale and the download. Though I would also give them the option to skip this as well… Most will not, but I would not force anyone to do this.

Start Blogging: The more people come onto your website, the more times they’ll see your opt in forms and your freebie incentive, and the more likely they will be to sign up to your newsletter! How do you get people to visit your site regularly? Start a blog with the latest updates, tips and insights!

Request That Subscribers “Refer You To A Friend”: If you’ve got a fantastic freebie, or are sending out very useful information, then your subscribers will want to share it with others. Include a note in each of the emails letting them know that, if they want to share it, they should direct friends to your squeeze page.

Take Part In Ad Swaps: This means promoting another marketer’s list in exchange for them promoting your list to their own subscribers. This works best if your lists are a similar size, and if you’re very careful about the people you promote to your subscribers (i.e. make sure you trust the other party!)

Start list building now!

Unless you take action, none of these list building tips are going to do you any good at all, so start employing them NOW!

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