Opt In Email Lists? Use An Auto-Responder Service

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Opt In Email Lists - use an auto-responder

If you are creating opt in email lists, then a question which is often asked, is, ‘Do I need to use an auto-responder service for my list building’. My answer would be are you serious about your endeavour?

There are plenty of auto-responder services out there, ranging  from under $20 to a few hundred dollars a month. Obviously if you are just starting out you will not need an expensive option, you can get an excellent auto-responder service for as little as $1 for your first month, which allows you to test drive your new service for next to nothing.

Creating your own opt in email lists

But a lot of Internet marketers don’t want to pay these ongoing monthly fees and instead choose to pay one time for a script they can run on their own server. While it seems like a good way to save yourself money, the fact is, there are a number of reasons why running your own auto-responder script is a bad idea and can even be incredibly harmful for your business.

The biggest problem you’ll face when running your own email script is deliverability. Ensuring that your emails make it through to your subscribers is critical to building a list. You can have the biggest list in the world, but if your mails is not getting delivered, your results are not going to be very good.

Spam filtering and blacklisting are two of the biggest issues affecting the deliverability of your email. Using “trigger” words in your email can be a problem with getting identified as spam, but it can also hurt you if too many people click the “spam” button in their email software.

If this happens too much, it can result in your server’s IP address getting blacklisted – and your emails getting filtered out before they even reach your subscribers. These things are important to the big auto-responder companies and they put a lot of work into ensuring that the email they send is getting delivered. Managing these things is a full-time job, so choosing to run your own email server doesn’t really save you money – it just makes you trade it for your time. Time that could be better spent improving your business elsewhere and ultimately making you more money.

Another issue you have while running your own email server is maintenance. You will be responsible for upgrading the script (or having to pay someone to do it for you) and ensuring that your data is backed up in case something doesn’t work properly. And if it doesn’t, your subscriber database could be at risk.

Creating opt in email lists – use a paid service…

Using a service that handles all that stuff for you makes a lot more sense. Ultimately, the cost of the auto-responder service when using opt in email lists should not be a problem anyway. If you have a good relationship with your list, it will not be difficult to earn back the cost of the service every month (and plenty more).

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish – get started on a good foundation when creating your opt in email lists by using a reliable auto-responder service. I personally use a paid service called Aweber to service my email list, but there are other providers such as Get Response, Mail Chimp or Infusionsoft. These companies are a huge asset to any internet marketer building a list, use them.

Once you have your auto-responder online, you can now start creating web forms (email opt-in box) for your squeeze pages, there are plenty of templates to choose from and you can edit these to suit your needs. It is a simple process to transfer the code for your web form to your squeeze page template.

The whole point of creating opt in email lists is to, well, mail them…. You will need to write a series of emails in advance to load up into your auto-responder, these will be then sent out automatically on a defined timescale from when the subscriber first signs up to your opt in email lists. The content of these emails should be of value to your subscriber and lead them through your sales funnel; but thats another story…

If you want more information on email list building please click the link, or for the auto-responder service that I personally use with my opt in email lists click here or you can try this WordPress plugin I have found at Glock EasyMail. If you use it, please let me know how you get on and if it helps your list building.

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